October 28, 2021


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Kenzie Ziegler Is a TikTok Dancing Legend, Guys|TikTok Obstacle Obstacle|Cosmopolitan

Kenzie Ziegler, Dance Moms star and TikTok prodigy, blessed us with her presence on TikTok Challenge Challenge. đź•şWatch more here:

IYKYK, Kenzie is the real freakin’ deal. I mean, she’s been dancing since she could walk—along with her super-famous sister Maddie Ziegler—so it’s no shock that she totally nailed our game. While she didn’t exactly master the dances, but she pretty much had them down! In just 60 seconds, people!! đź‘Ź Make sure you watch the TikTok dance she came up with to her newest single ‘Exhale’ featuring Sia—streaming everywhere!

Stir Crazy 🍸
Expensive Taste Test đź’…
Cosmo Queens! đź’„

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