November 28, 2020


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My Advice for Aspiring Homemakers || Tips for Future Housewives/Homemakers

Hello my lovely friend! Today I wanted to unpack the LONG requested topic of how we can prepare for a future as a homemaker and a housewife. I do not cover the financial and societal myths surrounding this topic in today’s video, so if you’re interested in that subject, I recommend watching my video, “Housewives Are Not Oppressed || 5 Myths About Homemaking” That video will cover a lot more on this topic, but today I wanted to just go over some ways you can prepare for being a homemaker well before you find yourself in this position. Hopefully you find this helpful! Sending you so much love! Xoxo


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Thank you so much for watching. I post videos 2 times a week, but if you’re hungry for more of this content, please check out my blog! I write 2 times a week, and always take time to discuss femininity, character growth, and of course… homemaking tips! Xoxo!

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