February 4, 2020

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First Year Charm: 1975 Chrysler Cordoba

Reduced miles as well as outstanding problem, I don’t learn about you however it doesn’t get far better than that for me no issue what the car is. In this situation, it’s a first-year 1975 Chrysler Cordoba in lovely Yellow Blaze. It can be found below on craigslist in equally-beautiful Kennewick, Washington. The seller is asking $6,000.

With practically any British car, it’s “Lucas, Prince of Darkness”. Deloreans always draw out the change capacitor comments like there’s no tomorrow. Pintos constantly explode. Several automobiles have particular notorious social references that come up each time they’re shown right here or anywhere, which isn’t a negative point, it just is what it is. It’s like complaining about yet an additional overcast skies in Minnesota, it’s just the way it is (not bitter). For Cordoba, it’s “does it have ___ _________ ______?” You can complete the spaces. And for the document, yes, this set does.

1975 was the very first year for the Cordoba as well as it provided Chrysler customers without an Oldsmobile or Lincoln spending plan the means to leap into the deluxe sector. The Cordoba just can be found in a two-door sports car body design, just think about what a four-door sedan, convertible, or terminal wagon Cordoba may have resembled … (insert dream sequence below)… I didn’t do a photoshop exercise there, sorry for the tease. Ok, here’s a quick car. You can see the bumper filler panel on this yellow Cordoba is a slightly various color, I’m not exactly sure if it was changed or simply faded at a various price or what’s taking place there.

Vendor professional suggestion: when seeing a partial image like the front interior photo over, it automatically makes a potential purchaser question what’s going on with the seats. The rear seats look virtually fresh, however there have to be problems with the front seat or seats, otherwise, they would more than likely be shown. In looking for Cordobas online, I ran throughout a listing for this exact same exact vehicle with a somewhat various description and an asking rate of $4,200 or finest offer. It points out that the chauffeur’s seat is ripped as well as the vinyl top requirements to be changed. The present listing states that it has a new plastic half-top and tune-up so that most likely describes the price distinction.

The engine looks rather good if not a bit dustier than I would have anticipated to see on what otherwise looks like a tidy cars and truck. It’s Chrysler’s 360 V8, the basic engine for the early Cordobas, although a 318 V8 was optional in this post-gas-crisis era. This is rather of a stripper Cordoba without power windows or Air Conditioning, but it appears like a nice one for anyone seeking a first-year car. Have any one of you owned a Cordoba?

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