Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend! I hope your pants are stretchy enough to accommodate an extra helping (or two) of pie and that someone important to you is within cuddling reach.

If you look closely, you’ll see me and Connor waving hi from the middle of the Pacific (aloha!). We’re spending the holiday with El Hub’s side of the family on East Oahu with a beach quite literally down the street. It’s kind of crazy to me that you can swing by the ocean here and see views like this on your way home from going to Safeway to buy gluten-free hamburger buns, LOL!

I’m grateful for so many things today and always, including today feeling the ocean breeze on my skin… Do you have a place that makes your soul feel alive? For me, that’s anyplace near the water. 🌊

As much as I love to cook (oh, and props to you if you’re running the kitchen; good luck and god speed!), I’m kind of relieved to not be hosting this year. I’m excited about just showing up to eat, ha ha ha!

I’m especially excited about dessert, which leads me to this delightful bakery my friend Fern (hiya, Fern!) introduced me to last time I was on the island: Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery.

They’re known for their mini bunt cakes, a.k.a. their Cake Bombs, that they make from scratch. I stopped by yesterday and picked up two of their most popular flavors, lemon and strawberry guava (melt in your mouth!), along with a lemon bar-inspired treat called a lilikoi cream cheese bar, which has a shortbread base, cream cheese middle layer and a tart layer of passionfruit on top. If you’re ever passing through Kaimuki on a trip to Honolulu and your sweet tooth is aching, you’ve gotta stop by.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend. Sending you light and love today. AND PIE. 🥧

So much pie!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,