Iranian Leaders Vow To Destroy American Cultural Sites Like Walmart Or Dairy Queen

TEHRAN– Promptly after President Trump’s announcement on Twitter that he had pre-selected fifty-two targets in Iran for damage, consisting of websites important to Iran’s individuals and ancient culture, Iran’s top leaders and generals pledged that they would retaliate in kind as quickly as they could identify what a quickly declining culture that no longer values its very own background or spiritual heritage still loves.

“We will send our futuristic missiles directly right into your Walmarts and also your Dairy Queens as well as your McDonalds, so aid us, Allah. Fatality to America!” revealed Iran’s Supreme Leader Of The Islamic Change Ali Khamenei.President Trump had agitated the leaders of Iran with a tweet earlier in the day in which he introduced that any kind of retaliation, any type of strike versus Americans or American possessions, over the drone strike which killed Iran’s number two guy and also top basic Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad would certainly be fulfilled with swift strikes on Iran itself, not only harmful army targets yet likewise simply calm, serene areas precious by the Iranian individuals for their history and also beauty.Iran’s leaders debated for hours concerning what targets to choose.” What regarding their royal residences, their statues, their old buildings dating back a thousand years?”one armed forces strategist reportedly suggested just to uncover that Americans had nothing that old and also what they did have dating back to the moment of America’s starting was deemed racist or a symbol of white superiority nowadays.President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani lastly revealed with state media, “We have pre-selected 52 Burger Kings in sites all throughout the Great Satan America that will be struck set ought to your President Trump even attempt to touch any type of one of our old social masterpieces as well as history. We are very happy with our traditions, our faith, our organizations, as well as the numerous, several World Heritage Sites as marked by UNESCO. I myself love to go to these old palaces, holy places, caverns, gardens, hills, and cities to find out about our great past. Our civilization go back to the 6th century BCE in your calendar. That anyone in the West would certainly endanger these sites over, well, anything, is barbaric.”Readers of the , If you value The Babylon Bee and also wish to see us dominate against Snopes as well as any person else that might seek to reject or deplatform us, please take into consideration becoming a customer. Your assistance truly will make a distinction