March 24, 2020

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Pretty Pastel Art Catches the Charm of American Landscapes

Armed with his canvases, easel, and also pastels, artist Aaron Schuerr requires to the great outdoors to record a few of America’s many spectacular landscapes. From the forests of Yellowstone National forest to the coastlines of Laguna Beach, each artwork records the elegance and also tranquility of nature’s fleeting minutes in dynamic, chalky shades.

Schuerr’s ever-growing profile clearly showcases his love of nature– from clouds and waves to lakes and also trees, each element is provided in the artist’s distinctive design. “The heart of my job remains in the outdoors, soaking up the pattern of light on the landscape,” claims Schuerr. “The open air is my stage, as well as in the very best moments, I am shed in it.”

Schuerr commonly photographs his work while it’s still on the easel, outside, with the actual scene behind it. Each piece looks so true to truth, that his canvases appear to mix right into the surrounding landscapes. The musician’s tray of vivid pastels are often included in the shot, disclosing the variety shades he uses to produce each artwork.

Scroll to have a look at several of Schuerr’s beautiful light art. Desire to learn exactly how to develop art like his? Review our overview on exactly how to attract with pastel sticks.

Landscape musician Aaron Schuerr catches the beauty of America’s landscapes in chalk pastels.

He develops each item outside, en plein air.

Each item looks so true to reality, that his canvases appear to blend right into the bordering landscapes.

My Modern Met approved permission to use images by Aaron Schuerr.