Rodinia – Skincare Line

Rodinia-Skincare Line Derrick Lin Product Packaging of the World Principal Manager Bathroom and also Elegance, Concepts, Europe, Greece, Paper, Plastic

Developer: Vassiliki Filippopoulou
Task Kind: Idea
Place: Greece, Athens
Packaging Contents: Skincare items
Product Packaging Substrate/ Products: Paper, Plastic

Rodinia (from the Russian “Родить”, rodít, indicating ‘to beget’ or ‘to deliver’ (initially). Rodina, meaning ‘The Fatherland’ or ‘a birthplace’Rodinia is a brand-new

skin care line targeting women with high criteria for their day-to-day skin treatment in between 20 to 50. Simplicity is the key, with a soft color palette- matched with tidy typography and also fragile illustrations. Utilizing nature influenced colours, the true essence of the all-natural ingredients is communicated. The logo and also the text is minimal with a lot of area to take a breath. The pictures are vibrant as well as fresh, spirited and abstract expressed with ordinary tidy lines in numerous patterns each one reflecting the function of the item. The different patterns/illustrations used each of the bundles are using a visual and subliminal difference of the functions of each cream. Purity & quality are the main components connected to us by this line! The objective of layout is to attract fans from the extremely initial appearance and afterwards to enjoy the items because of the mix of excellent high quality as well as reduced cost.more awesome project you shouldn’t miss All images as well as artworks are copyrighted by their particular authors. Copyright © Product packaging of

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