March 20, 2020

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Shindong Flaunts His Muscular Arms After Extreme Weight Reduction – Koreaboo

Behind-the-scenes images of Shindong after his radical weight-loss was just recently launched, and also he appears to have gotten some muscle mass!

In October 2019, weight-loss program Juvis Diet plan exposed images of their most recent client, Super Junior‘s Shindong. Back then, he had actually weighed 116 kg (256 pounds), and also his objective was to reach 75 kg (165 pounds).

Over 5 months later, Shindong was successful in losing a monstrous 37 kg (82 pounds). His weight now is his most affordable in several years at 79 kg (174 pounds).

Juvis Diet celebrated his achievement with an image shoot to display his brand-new body. On March 18, a previously as well as after photo was shared online. A clear difference in between the 2 is the arm muscle mass Shindong shows up to have actually gained.

Congratulations to Shindong on his effective diet regimen!