Style Digital Photographer Captured Portraits Of Big Cats And Also They Reveal They All Have Various Characters (28 Photos).

Just recently, renowned British style photographer Ralph Perou, who has dealt with the similarity Marilyn Manson, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Eminem, as well as others, has actually done a job with Big Feline Refuge in Kent. The artist established up his workshop in an enclosure and made a decision to shoot the big felines as if they’re stars, exposing their real character. The function of the task was to increase understanding of the huge feline’s susceptability in wildlife. The musician has done two-meter prints of the large pet cats that he intends on offering in an auction to give away to the cause of their survival in the wildlife. The project stars Nias, Narnia, Manzi, Maya, bros Bajrami as well as Keene, as well as Xizi, all of which are included in this gallery.

For a year, Perou photographed all of the big felines in an unit where he has actually fashioned a makeshift workshop. “Many people photo big cats from a distance in daytime (for good reason) so I decided to enter the lions’ den (literally not metaphorically) and also established a photo workshop there to picture these stunning animals similarly I would photograph a rock celebrity or a fashion version,” Mr. Perou admitted in his interview for Bored Panda. He likewise included that “unlike stars, celebs as well as designs, large cats let you know exactly just how they really feel regarding you and also exactly how you’re doing photographing them. There is no pretense”. Throughout the photoshoots, the pets could freely leave to their huge outdoors runs if they didn’t like the method the photoshoot was transforming out. Originally, Perou mounted equipment near the pets as well as simply let them get made use of to the tools given that big cats are very dubious of any modifications in their environment. He did this for a month before he even started capturing.

The Digital photographer as well as the keeper

Image credits: Ralph Perou

The task wasn’t bereft of hardships. “I initially offered to photo all the felines at BCS, not understanding just how testing the job would certainly be,” he admitted. The animals were unconvinced of the digital photographer at first and also periodically threw outbursts. He was forced to tighten it down. “The first 6 months, I mosted likely to the BCS almost every week as well as every week I would get home with no photos. I was widely demoralized and thought, “In fact, this is never mosting likely to take place'”,- the professional photographer exposed.

Eventually, the animals got utilized to the photographer, as he was always there when it was feeding time, and in cat’s eyes, he ended up being linked with their favored food. The photographer spent so much time with the huge pet cats that he can eventually acknowledge the character of every one of them, as well as he tried to reveal this in his incredible portraits. Some felines were really outbound, some were also playful, others careful, or simply simple careless. Overall, the artist’s vision was pure as well as straightforward: “I intended to show what personalities these pet cats are and how exceptionally beautiful as well as magnificent they are.”


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“Maya, the Jaguar, almost did not make it after her mother was unable to feed her following her birth in July 2017. The Jaguar cub was dehydrated as well as weak, which resulted in the decision to hand-rear her. Maya appeared on the BBC’s ‘Large Pet cats Regarding the Home’ and is an ambassador for the protection of her wild cousin.” h/t:

Picture credits: Ralph Perou

“Jaguars are additionally much more greatly developed than the leopard with a longer face and also far more prominent sagittal crest, providing the head a definitely sharp top. Unlike many of the various other cat species Jaguar are not averse to water and are really excellent swimmers.” h/t:

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“They have the strongest bite of all the huge cats, applying a bite pressure of approximately 1500-2000 extra pounds per square inch, (depending on resource product).” h/t:

Picture credit ratings: Ralph Perou

“Jaguars are the biggest feline types located within South America. As with most of the huge felines, they are solitary and also only truly socialize with others for reproducing functions. There are mild variations in the shade of the coat, with black people being fairly typical. These all-black pet cats are usually improperly referred to as black panthers. The coat coloration is very comparable to that of a leopard, however there is a distinction in the rosettes, which in the jaguar have tiny black dots in the center.” h/t:

Image credit reports: Ralph Perou

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The digital photographer was familiar with her very well: “She enjoys human interaction and also was extremely hard to picture due to the fact that she is always scrubing up against the fence to have someone scratch her back or tickle her. She had to go back to be photographed: no lens shoots that close.”


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“Narnia was born in French circus; she needed a residence so involved live at Heaven Wildlife Park as a companion for resident their Amur tiger Rocky. They are no much longer able to cohabit, so Narnia came to WHF, The Big Cat Refuge.
Narnia really rapidly came to be a company favored with visitors. She is extremely satisfied to take part in photography workshops and also enjoys to drape herself over the platform in the perfect present. She can be a naughty madam and likes to eat at the mesh and also end up Nias that stays in the enclosure next to her own. The worst practice she contends present is having a poo in her pond, which the keepers then need to fish out!” h/t:

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“Very interactive, she enjoys to destroy cardboard boxes, chase boomer spheres as well as play pull of battle with her food. An amazing feline that is also a really important ambassador for us in helping to enlighten visitors regarding the risks of reproducing white tigers as well as the subsequent health issues that can occur.
White tigers are white Bengal’s, they are not albino (they have blue eyes), are not a separate subspecies and are born to tigers that lug an unusual dual recessive gene causing the absence of coloring. Rarely seen in the wild (1 in approx. every 10,000) as well as only seen in the Bengal tiger subspecies.” h/t:


Image credit reports: Ralph Perou

“Xizi was born at Helsinki zoo in Finland in 2005 as well as came to WHF, The Big Pet Cat Haven, in 2007, at around 2 years of ages.
She has actually generated 2 collections of 2 cubs given that being with us. In 2008, she reproduced with Artur and brought to life 2 male cubs, Argun as well as Anuy.” h/t:

Photo credit reports: Ralph Perou

“Being solid climbers they take a kill up a tree to consume alone. The primary victim types of the Amur leopard are roe and also sika deer along with hares and badgers.” h/t:

Image credit ratings: Ralph Perou

“She also created 2 cubs with Hogar in 2012.
Xizi is easily well-known by the noting behind her left eye, which remains in the shape of an excellent love heart.” h/t:

Photo credit scores: Ralph Perou

“Estimated that around only 60 Amur leopards remain in the wild, surviving on a dedicated preservation area in Russia, west of Vladivostok-the Primorskii Krai; this is the globe’s most jeopardized large feline. Getting to speeds of 37 miles per hour as well as able to leap 20 feet horizontally and 10 feet vertically they are awesome predators; giving a suffocating vice-like hold to the throat.” h/t:

Photo credit scores: Ralph Perou

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Image credits: Ralph Perou

“Bajrami, Keene, and Martin were birthed in a litter of 8 at Boras Zoo in Sweden, where they shared their room with the zoo’s team of rhinocerous!
All 3 bros belong to the studbook for Southern Cheetah so we will hopefully be utilizing them for reproducing in the future.” h/t:

Image credit scores: Ralph Perou

“Keene is the darkest and also frequently obtains very distracted in training; he likes to concentrate on more than one keeper during his training!” h/t:

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“In the wild, the cheetah is a really respected dog breeder as well as can have trashes of as much as 9 or 10 young. This is mostly to deal with the extremely high death price that cheetah children suffer due to predation from various other predators together with the truth that cheetah can not manage to be confrontational as well as will certainly commonly have to picked ‘flight’ in a fight or flight scenario.” h/t:


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“Bajrami, Keene, and also Martin were birthed in a litter of 8 at Boras Zoo in Sweden, where they shared their room with the zoo’s team of rhino!

Extremely different in look and personality they are all really wonderful pet cats. Bajrami is the lightest in weight as well as most positive of the 3 as well as is constantly satisfied to come in the house for a chat.” h/t:

Picture credit scores: Ralph Perou

“With an entirely various physique to the other felids, Cheetahs neither fit right into the ‘huge cat’ or ‘small cat’ classifications and therefore belong to their very own category Acinonyx.

Frequently mistaken for leopards, the cheetah has a very different body shape, being very slim as well as lightweight with lengthy slim arm or legs. Together with this, the layer is covered in solitary seen markings very unlike the leopards heavily rosetted layer. Paired with their distinctive tear-drop facial markings the cheetah are one of one of the most quickly recognizable felids. They are presently the globe’s fastest land creatures, qualified of reaching speeds of approximately 68mph with a stride of 7 meters.” h/t:


Picture credit reports: Ralph Perou

“Nias was born at Tierpark Berlin to moms and dads Santana as well as Morris, in 2003. He came to WHF, The Big Pet Cat Haven at a years of age and was introduced to reproducing companion Puna in late 2007.

The list below year, they had their initial spawn; two children; Asu and Bawa. In 2011, these were adhered to by 2 more sons, Toba and also Kubu.” h/t:

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“Nias is a really handsome feline who has a doing not like for the summer heat but takes pleasure in normal hosepipe showers from the maintaining team.” h/t:

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“The Sumatran tiger is the tiniest of the tiger sub-species. They have a very particular dark orange coat, with very thin, carefully stuffed red stripes. Just like all tiger species, these red stripes are as unique to each person, as our fingerprints are to us. Around the face is a long white ruff of fur, regularly seen in men than women. As their name recommends, the Sumatran tiger’s indigenous environment is the Indonesian island of Sumatra.” h/t:

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“The primary risk to the wild Sumatran tiger population is the boosting palm oil profession. The tigers need regular blocks of woodland in which to prosper, as being a solitary varieties this is their only way of meeting breeding individuals.

The conventional medication trade is an additional trouble that deals with the wild populace, with the need for bones and body parts showing no signs of reducing.” h/t:

Photo credits: Ralph Perou

The writer has actually told Bored Panda that “For some (unidentified) factor, Nias the Sumatran tiger truly didn’t such as the look/smell/sound of me. Maybe I advised him of a person who was unkind to him before? For months, visiting each week, I would certainly just need to show up near his den and also he would start hissing at me: gazing me out with upset eyes.”
Nowadays, Nias is much friendlier to his professional photographer: “Nias currently allows me feed him yet still likes me to recognize he’s the one in charge, so he’ll still offer me a low whine occasionally.”


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“The lions at WHF, The Large Pet cat Sanctuary reveal much of the behaviors they would certainly in the wild. Normally 16-20+hrs a day will certainly be invested resting. Lions will not use up energy unless they need to. When they are energetic they can be seen walking along the sides of their enclosure. This is simply territorial pacing, typical behavior in which males will stroll around the sides of their territory. Both brothers will also perform social communications such as brushing each other and also roaring. Our males will certainly roar together most nights and also mornings.” h/t:

Picture credit ratings: Ralph Perou

“Manzi is the blondest of the siblings and a complete teddybear! Manzi has currently gone very blonde because of the truth he is now alone as well as has no supremacy issues or the companionship of various other male lions. He is really chatty to Keepers and also likes ahead over very first thing in the early morning and also the last thing of an evening; however, once the food is within his view he changes to an extremely various pet cat!” h/t:

Picture debts: Ralph Perou

“The three bros, Manzi, Kafara, and also Tiny were birthed at Woburn Safari Park to a lady that was incapable to look after them as a result of her milk manufacturing quiting. They were taken to PWP to be hand-reared at 19 days old by the keepers there. Right now, one of the cubs was a little smaller sized and also weak than the various other 2, so it was nicknamed Tiny. He pulled with and also is now only slightly smaller sized than his siblings (approx 10KG lighter). Throughout his time at WHF, The Big Feline Sanctuary he has actually had several intestine operations so we now need to keep track of meticulously what he eats as well as ensure he does not obtain excessive mane/hair in his meals.” h/t:

We’ve asked which of the felines he suched as one of the most throughout his time there. “The Amur leopard, Xizi, that I photographed below, is one of only 77 left in the entire world. She is the most beautiful animal I have actually seen face to face.” He additionally liked his experience with Manzi, the old lion. “He was quite a lad. He deals with a hareem of 6 lionesses who maintain him busy. He’s BIG and his holler is SO loud.” Speaking of powerful barks, Narnia has actually also made an impression: “Narnia the white tiger is a tranquil girl a lot of the moment. She intends to be close friends with the brownish tigers however they hate her since she’s various.” As well as did you know that cheetahs can’t be called large pet cats because they can not holler? They seem pretty charming, in fact.

The digital photographer has actually additionally shared some problems concerning these pet cats’ wild counterparts. “These pet cats are ambassadors for their endangered wild relatives. They remain in a haven for saved felines that would not endure in the wild and also are likewise part of a breeding program to shield animals, species from termination caused primarily by human beings. The author was likewise extremely moderate regarding his job: “Comparable to my pictures are, it would certainly be dreadful if all we had actually left on the planet were some good images of extinct pets that we handled to clean out in our life times … I’m simply a digital photographer: professionally, I simply push a button, yet this was something I could do to increase understanding concerning jeopardized cats worldwide and elevate a little money for the pet cats at the haven.” He summed his develop rather well: “We have actually reached save the world (including ourselves), however we have actually obtained ta conserve the felines as well! Huge love to all at the Big Feline Refuge who do great work.”