Ulta Beauty Store Employee Told Her: ‘You’re Too Dark for Our Products’ – Your Black World

Photo credits: Instagram/@ebby_lolo

A black woman from Houston, Texas was discriminated against while attempting to shop at an Ulta Beauty store in Holmdel, New Jersey.

According to Eyewitness News 13, an ABC-affiliated local media outlet in the Holmdel area, Ebony Kankam London (pictured) was told by an Ulta store employee that her skin was too dark for any makeup applications.

In an Instagram video, which she recently posted online, London said she traveled to the East Coast to get a makeup job applied for her forthcoming baby shower.

“I flew up to New Jersey for the holidays and I knew my mother-in-law was planning this baby shower. I’m eight months pregnant and I kind of wanted to treat myself, if you will. So I set up an appointment with Ulta. Just because I know that sometimes with darker-skinned [women] some people don’t feel comfortable or know what they’re doing so I went in for a consultation,” she said.

The soon-to-be mother gave one of the Ulta store employees some details about the look she was looking to achieve at her baby shower. However, instead of reassuring professional advice, the Ulta Beauty store employee told London that her skin complexion was” too dark for most colors in the store.”

“Like I felt like I was in 1990 when makeup was made for one type of skin. In a store full of people who didn’t look like me, I felt sad and upset. Like my skin tone was a problem,” London also said in her video.

London has stated that she would like to see Ulta Beauty store implement ethnic and cultural sensitivity training for its employees to prevent the type of discrimination she experienced from happening again. In response to this incident, Ulta Beauty released a Twitter statement condemning the actions of one of its store employees, which has alienated London and other black female guests.

“We stand for equality, inclusivity, and diversity and when we hear that we are not meeting that expectation, we want to understand what our guest is feeling, and hold ourselves accountable to do better.”

Black people as a whole can do the same by creating their OWN beauty retail outlets for beauty supply products so that reliance on those who are enemies of their race will never again be needed.

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